Company / Our Purpose

Transforming Ordinary Businesses into
Really eXceptional

Technovate was started in 2018 when the frustration and time it took to build a good customer experience

became too much to handle. Brian and a small group of young, eager entrepreneurs got together and made a plan for the perfect customer experience software. He was always coming up with ideas with this small group, asking things like,

“What if it could do this or that?”

A Small and secret team build the software called RXCHAT in a couple of months and Brian sold it.

We believe that when brilliant minds are put together with a clear vision, anything can be achieved.

We have everything your business needs to become great again

Created to help your business become Really eXceptional

RXCHAT is the simplest “all-in-one” customer Experience solution. We haven’t found a business that wouldn’t be motivated by:

We've made it so simple to copy that it's nearly impossible to mess up the system.

Currently, joining RXCHAT is a breeze…

We have made it so easy by just answering these simple questions…