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Discover RXPOS

The complete point-of-sale system that supports both in-person and online sales.

Personalized point-of-sale software
that keeps up with the times.

Gather the resources essential to the operation of your store.
The point-of-sale system from RXPOS includes tools for managing stock and employees.

Superior stock management

Set buy orders and stock moves based on anticipated and actual inventory performance.

Staff authorizations that are tailored to each individual's needs

Make sure only authorized employees may use the POS system and feel safe delegating authority.

Reporting that is consolidated

Overview & warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, general profit and/or loss report, sales, purchases, transfers, customer, suppliers and staff user reports

Inspire them

Help your staff build meaningful relationships with consumers and turn one-time buyers into returning customers with a point-of-sale system.

100% synchronized customer information

Personalize customer service by providing fast access to past orders, total lifetime spending, and other relevant data stored in the point-of-sale system.

Promote efficiently

Gather customers’ email addresses and then use them in targeted marketing campaigns offering exclusive deals and early access to products.

More Features


Sales with payments and option to accept payments along with delivery, gift cards and returns options


Purchase order with payments records, option to add
purchase with CSV along with expenses feature


Add quotation, convert them to sales or purchase order with download as pdf option


Transfer products from one warehouse to another with csv, import & export options


Staff and customer notifications option


Manager staff users, billers (selling companies}, customers and suppliers with import by csv and export options

RXPOS Pricing

Our pricing is very simple. You just pay a fixed monthly subscription based on the storage capacity you choose.

  • 1000 MB Storage
  • Warehouse management
  • Staff management
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Multilingual
  • Event Calendar
  • Calculator
  • On-Screen Keyboard
  • Multi currencies
  • Tax rates
  • multiple payment gateways
  • Staff and customer notifications
  • Quotations
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Frequently asked questions

What we call a POS is nickname for "point of sale," which refers to a system used to transact business in person.
It's the hardware and/or software you use to take credit card payments and process sales, most often in a retail location.

With RXPOS, shops have everything they need to run smoothly, take payments from customers no matter where they are, and foster lasting relationships with them.

Point-of-sale (POS) is used when a consumer makes a purchase at a store's checkout counter and receives a receipt.

Because of its adaptability, RXPOS can serve enterprises of varying sizes and stages.
Most significantly, RXPOS benefits merchants who sell (or hope to sell) their products in both brick-and-mortar stores.

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